Video transcription

My name is Endre Sos, and I will tell you how to give a pill to your dog without sticking your fingers down his throat. Giving pills for dogs can be very unpleasant for the owner and the pet itself. So if you can avoid this moments, it's beneficial for both of you. Giving a pill without sticking your fingers into the throat of the animal needs some tricks, and the best way to hide the pill. Hiding the pill, you have the choose the proper food at them, and there are several ones which can work properly. One of them is the cream cheese but it can be any other kind of soft material where the pill can be hidden. And these are the materials which should be swallowed in one piece by the dog. Otherwise there's a chance that the dog will taste the pill and will spit it out. Always check whether the pill is in or it was spit out by the dog which you can see after a few moments of the administration. It's also important to change the food item if the dog is tricky and recognizing that you want to administer a pill. What is also important, your behavior, the dogs are very sensitive, they can feel if you want to give them something which i unusual, so just give them this as a treat, and behave as you would behave normally. If you are not successful, you can try to change the pills to liquids, but there are some ingredients where you won't find this kind of product so you have to stick to pills.