Video transcription

Today we're going to talk about what Brazilian waxing is. A lot of people come in and ask that question because I do have a lot of clients that I wax and first time waxing clients come in for a bikini wax and say now I've heard about this Brazilian thing, can you tell me what that is? The young girls that would be in the Mardi Gra festivals and they would wear the really scantily clothed outfits for the big parties would actually wax their genital area completely clean of all pubic hair so that is what a Brazilian wax is. It is a removal of all pubic hair from the genital area. This can be done for men and for women. I know that in some regions of the world it is very popular for couples to come in and have it done and basically it is just having that wax done and it usually takes about an hour, it is quite painful, it is not something that is easy to stomach so I never tell someone that is. I usually tell someone straight upfront so that they can be prepared and if you are someone that does not have a high tolerance for pain I don't recommend that you embark on a Brazilian wax and there you have it.