Video transcription

How to be Mary Poppins. Well, Mary Poppins is a very easy character to put together, particularly out of your own closet. The biggest detail, really is the jacket. You want to make sure that it's something long, at least past the knee. Something fitted at the waist is going to look best for you. It doesn't really matter how many buttons or whatnot. It doesn't matter if it's black, brown, or gray, dark blue, any of those shades will work. Just simply find something that goes past the knee, that has a nice, fitted waist, and that will make a great Mary Poppins Jacket. You'll also want to do some details underneath. You want to do some kind of fun, long skirt, any shade there is fine, just as long as it's past the knee, as well. She does like to show off her boots a little bit, so not to the floor is great, and of course, some kind of boot feature for your feet, is going to work out great for Mary Poppins. You'll also want some kind of high necked blouse, for the most part, any kind of shade will work. Go in as high through the neck as possible, making that a nice Mary Poppins look. From there, you'll want to make a great, or find a great Mary Poppins Hat, easy to do with all the great thrift stores, now available to everybody, or perhaps maybe Grandma's closet, or somewhere deep in your closet, you can find something that will work great for Mary Poppins. You'll also want just a few more details for Mary. She's best with her umbrella. Of course, that's what makes Mary Poppins, and then after adding that, you'll want of course, her lovely carpet bag, and she's ready to go.