Video transcription

When having an abscessed tooth is it advised not to fly with an abscessed tooth, the reason being is again an abscess is basically a collection of infection that kind of sits either on the tooth or the gums. When that collection builds it generates a lot more pressure so the pressure that's build up kind of pushes against the tooth and the gums causing an extreme amount of discomfort. It's for that reason that we do not recommend flying. When you fly you are subjected to different pressures and even though in a plane where the air is pressurized, there's always going to be fluctuations of pressure, those fluctuations in pressure can directly affect how that abscess feels. It will most likely make it worse as you go up in altitude you will feel more pressure on the abscess, and the more pressure on the abscess, the more uncomfortable it is and the more unbearable it becomes to be. We also see that with pilots, pilots that have abscesses or any sorts of infections are always advised not to fly based on the ability of the abscess to hurt further and cloud the judgment of the pilot.