Video transcription

Hi this is Laura Turner and today we're going to talk about how to change schools. And whether you're just changing high schools or you're changing colleges, the first thing you want to remember is to make sure that your credits from your old school will transfer to your new school and if they don't how you can transfer them in some way. I know that some schools don't except certain classes from other schools. So make sure that you go to the register and you know what's going to happen with that classes that you've already taken. Will they mean anything in your new school? And then therefore is it worth it to go to the new school. Think about why you're changing schools. Make sure that the new school is better for you physically, mentally and emotionally. If you have problems with people in your old school, think about is it a big enough of a deal in order to change schools entirely. Next make sure the commute to your new school is going to work out for you, with high gas prices and stuff like that we all need to think about how far we're traveling. So make sure your commute is not going to affect your performance in school. Next inform your Professors and your teachers that you're going to transfer and get all the necessary paper work from them. And even get their opinions. See if they can help you with this school if you're having sort of social problems with this school. If it's academic problems see if you can get some help there before making that big step to change schools because it can be a pretty complicated process.