Video transcription

Have you ever wondered how to do a manicure? What are the procedures to how to actually do a manicure to make it look really nice? Hi, I'm beauty artist Jackie O and today we will go over how to do a manicure. You want to first make sure that you have a glass bowl of some sort. You want to mix it with soap and water and put it in and soak your hands for a roughly three to five minutes. You want to be able to use some type of cuticle softener. Apply it to the cuticles. Next you want to take an Orangewood stick, hold it at an angle, and lightly, very gently, press the cuticles back. Once you have done this on all five hands, you want to repeat it on the next hand. You want to go back and soak the nails. Take the nails out again. Use your manicuring brush. Brush off any excess water or residue. Dry the nails. File the nails if necessary with a nice smooth natural nail file and a natural nail buffer. From that, you want to use a base coat, a top coat, and remember, two coats of polish in between. In order to have it to dry faster, you can also use a cuticle oil. I'm Jackie O, beauty artist and today we have learned how to do a manicure.