Video transcription

Hi I'm Rokosz your digital lifestyle expert. And I'm going to show you how to hook up your DVD player to your TV if it only has one RF or cable input. Alright what you are going to need to do is get a little device like this, or exactly like this. It's called an RF modulator. Basically that's just a fancy way of saying that it can take more modern connections like the RCA inputs, the phono inputs, as you are used to putting in audio with the little thing sticking out like that into here or super video into here and convert it to a signal that can be put down to a one copper coaxial type cable. Ok. So we get that plug it in, put it on top of our television here. And now here's how we are going to hook it up. First of all we are going to take our coaxial line and start from here which is to TV, we are simply going to just place it in the center and screw it in. Get that little thing right down in there and a couple of good turns so it's nice and tight so it doesn't fall. We are good to go there. Now we are going to hook this up, now this is a three wire, two audio, one super video and again we got our phono or our CA input with red for right channel, white for left channel and I chose the super video bundle which is marked yellow cause it gives us the best picture quality. Now all we have to do is here is just after that color code it out. We put the white here for left, the red in there for right, and if we had a third coax, excuse me a third RCA we can go in here but we've chosen the premium or the better I should say s video out. And we simply place that right in there. There's a notch so you can't mess it up too much. Now our modulator is fully wired, lets go down to our DVD player and we simply duplicate it. Audio out which is what we want, matching the red to the right channel, the white to the left channel, and rs video sort of hanging out here by itself at the bottom, and we are just going to slip that bad body in here. Now we are connected from here to the modulator, modulator is connected now we just got to make the final one right in here at the television set. Slip it right on top of there, give it a couple of good spins and now we are all hooked together. We got our DVD player hooked up to our television with one coaxial thanks to our buddy the RF modulator and your buddy Rokosz your digital lifestyle expert. Saying stream you later.