Video transcription

Hello today we are going to talk about cleaning your alloy wheels on your vehicle. It is important to have the proper tools when beginning any cleaning process so what you want to have is your all purpose cleaner to remove the general debris from the vehicle, a hard bristle brush and then the appropriate metal polish. You always want to make sure that you are using the right metal polish for the type of wheels that you are cleaning. I'll demonstrate basically the general process of cleaning your wheels. You are going to take your all purpose cleaner, mist around the wheels, take your brush and then brush. What this is going to do is help to agitate the cleaner and loosens any brake dust, tar, any kind of build up that has settled on to the wheels. After you have brushed your wheels, you are going to take your microfiber cloth, and then remove the cleaner along with any brake dust, debris, tar, anything that has adhered itself to the wheels. If you have any stubborn stains just gently wipe it down and spray on the all purpose cleaner again and go over it a second time and that is the first process in cleaning. The third step is using your polish so what you are going to do is I'll fold my microfiber towel to the other side and then just take a gentle dab of the polish and then you are just going to work it in to the wheel and as you polish what you are going to do is allow the polish to start to haze on the wheel so you are going to take another side of your microfiber towel and buff it off and you do this for the entire wheel until it is nice and shiny and back to its regular factor finish.