Video transcription

Hello, today we're going to talk about cleaning your automobile's headliner. When cleaning the headliner, you want to make sure you take into account, the different compartments that the vehicle has. Some vehicles have places that you can store things, like sunglasses. There are different lights and sensors, that are part of the headliner,so you want to make sure, that you protect those areas, and that you don't get any moisture inside of them.You also want to make sure, that when cleaning the headliner, you don't use any brushes, vacuums, or any aggressive means, to try and clean any stains, that may be on the headliner. You always want to take a microfiber towel, and a rinseless detergent, and lightly mist the microfiber towel, with your rinseless detergent, and then clean the area that's affected, using a gentle back and forth motion, and then dabbing the area that needs to be cleaned, until the stain is removed.You also want to gently clean around your lights, or any sensors, that are along the headliner, but make sure not to use heavy force, because those pieces of equipment, are usually sensitive, and if you use a lot of force, you can end up damaging some of those very expensive, and sensitive sensors. You also want to make sure that you're cleaning around your sun visor, and the mirrors, and in the back of the sun visor, and also, the extension to the sun visor. You want to make sure that area is cleaned.