Video transcription

Hi I'm Ann Myrick and today I'm going to show you how to clean a jetted bath tub. You really clean it very similar to a regular except for what you are dealing with on a jetted bathtub is you have all these knobs. You have the filter box and you also have the little jetted areas from where the water comes out. So you will use just a normal, what you would normally use for a fiberglass bathtub and you could use home products like vinegar and water or just soapy water. But I'm going to use just a commercial product. I'm going to use this because I like having the squirter for I can squirt around. And then I'm going to use my, sponge and you just want to go all the way around your bathtub. And with the circular motion and really clean this spots and clean the bottom. And then you want to come back and because of the water build up, calcium and different build ups on the jets, I like to give each one of the jets just a little extra attention so I'll go in and just clean the jets. These are not bad at all but sometimes they'll get really kind of dirty and mildewey and then you want to be sure that once everything is clean you want to go around with rinsing it off with water and you can either use a bucket of water so you can get up inside if you have a hose that connects to your faucet you can use that. But I don't have that so I'm just going to go around and rinse really well and then I am going to just throw a little extra water in each little jet just to be sure I flush out the soap. This is Ann Myrick and that is how to clean a jetted bathtub.