Video transcription

Hello there, have you ever wondered how to properly dress or make a massage table? Well, I'm going to show you how. I'm Sundae, with Natural Sundae. Now, the first thing to remember before you even put anything on your table is to make sure your table is the right height. I'm really tall, so before I put anything on my table it's really important to remember that you can adjust the table down here on the legs right in these holes. And if you need it lower, of course adjust it first, and if you need it higher just make sure it's there and it's going to be comfortable enough for the therapist's height. Okay, down to business. Now, we have three items here that we're going to put on our table and it's very simple. You're going to remember to have your headrest cover that you're just going to gently stretch over the headrest. And this gives the client a nice clean place to put their face; there we go. And then, you've got two kinds of sheets. You have a fitted sheet and a flat sheet, and of course the fitted sheet goes on first, and just wrap snugly around all the corners. If you have a sheet that's a little bit bigger than a twin sheet that's fine. Twin sheets are usually the most fitted sheets, and they fit the best around the massage table, but this is actually a double sheet and it fits just fine. So, wrap those, wrap that sheet around the table and you're almost good to go. Then you've got your flat sheet, and just lay it over just like you're makin' your bed. It's very, very simple. And you can either do it at half half size like that, or full size. And then, just make sure you make it pretty. Fold down the sheet, and there you go. That's a really quick and easy way to dress your massage table. I'm Sundae, with Natural Sundae. Have a great day.