Video transcription

This is Yolanda Vanveen from In this segment we're learning all about how to care for Lucky Bamboo. Now, first off Lucky Bamboo is not even bamboo. It's really the Dracaena plant. It's like a house plant. It's the Dracaena. It grows a lot like a bamboo, but it's still a different plant. Now, this Dracaena or Lucky Bamboo I just have in a vase with water and rocks and then the roots are down there. It's so easy I don't really take care of it in anyway. I just leave it in a sunny window or even part window. It's not very sunny in there at all. It seems to grow really well. I did let it dry out too much and as you can see I've lost some leaves. So, all I have to do is peel off these leaves and they'll just grow more and more plants. At one time I had left it out on the deck, outside during the summer, and it got too cold at night in the fall. It did lots of damage and it pretty much froze down. So, I just chopped it all the way back and put it in the house in a sunny window and eventually it just shot up new shoots again. So, one thing I love about my Lucky Bamboo is even if I kill it, usually I don't kill it. It will come back again. So, periodically I just take out all the yellow leaves or the dead leaves or if it looks really ratty I'll chop them all the way down and they'll grow new growth again. This particular Lucky Bamboo probably should be in more sunlight. It's kind of; I haven't been watering it very well and it's a little bit wimpy looking. I might give it just a little bit of fertilizer just to give it some more nutrition, because it hasn't had any nutrition in years. At this point I might give it some fertilizer. Lucky Bamboo is so easy to grow. It's a wonderful plant for inside and outside in the summer. I'll just leave it on my deck all summer long as well and then just bring it in the fall when it starts getting cold at night. I do know if you do leave it outside and it gets below even forty-five it seems like they get damaged, so you'll eventually loose them. So, they're more of an indoor plant, especially in the winter time. I leave mine indoors year around and as you can see I don't take much care of it and it does really well.