Video transcription

Hello welcome my name is Julio Nutt and I am a master instructor of the Jim McLean Golf School in Miami, Florida. In this clip we are going to talk about how to make a ball check up or how to produce back spin on the ball. It is very important to understand how the club works because if we see the club face and we see the bottom part the leading edge, if we hit the ball with the bottom of the club we will never generate much back spin. The back spin actually occurs when the club is hitting down on the ball and when the club hits down the ball actually jumps up and creates this spin back. So it is very important to generate that back spin to attack on a descending blow, the club face must be meeting the ball on a descending blow and in order to accomplish that the weight of the player at impact must be on the left leg so there is no way for me by keeping my weight on my right side to generate much of a back swing. The weight has to transfer to a forward leg so my hands are going to stay ahead of the golf club and the club face is going to hit down on the ball and that descending blow added with the loft of the club is going to make the ball jump up with the back swing. I am Julio Nutt at the Jim McLean Golf School.