Video transcription

Have you ever wondered what is a deep cleaning, and why your doctor or your hygienist is prescribing that to you? Well, my name is Michelle, and I'm a dental assistant with Solutionz, and I'm here to explain to you what a deep cleaning is. Basically, a deep cleaning; it's pretty easy. It is, it's a, it's somewhat of a regular cleaning. You're still getting that regular cleaning with when when you're having a deep cleaning, but a deep cleaning actually goes deeper below the gum. It stops to where your, where the scaler, where the hygienist's scalers cannot scale out any more, and basically, it's basically what it's called. It's called; it's a deeper type cleaning. Now, normal cleanings are only deal with the crown surface of your tooth, so normal cleanings will only address from your gum line on, so they're kind of just scaling and polishing all the calculus that might, the calculus buildup that you might have. And then a deep cleaning is actually getting up underneath the gums, scaling out any calculus or debris, or what we call is like "barnacles" of calculus on your teeth that can grow up underneath your gums. If you have, if you have been prescribed that you do need a deep cleaning; nine times out of ten you might have "barnacles" of calculus that are adhered to the root, and which in effect will also cause perio disease, which will start eating away at your gums and start to make your gums recessed and inflamed, and that's why you get, sometimes your gums tend to bleed whenever you floss them. So, if you have been prescribed to have a deep cleaning done you definitely want to go forward into treatment, listen to your general dentist and your hygienist, because they are only benefiting you for to have a deep cleaning, cause' you're getting a more thorough cleaning, versus just a regular cleaning. So once again, my name is Michelle, and I'm a dental assistant with Solutionz, and hopefully, I just explained to you to help you understand better what a deep cleaning is.