Video transcription

Hi, I'm Steve Jones, I'm going to tell you something about converting decimals of metric system to feet, inches and fractions of inches. First of all, the metric system now is use more or less in science throughout the world and this is based on units of a 1,000. So the main units of kilometers, meters, millimeters and micrometers. But, centimeters are often used because they are handy size. At the same time in America or in Britain, the units use were miles, yards, feet, inches and eventually, thous, which are use in industry. But here the ratios are 1,000, 12, 3 and 1760. Not easy. So how do we use the two together. Well obviously, we can see that 1 meter is actually 3.2808 feet. In fact a meter is approximately 3 feet, approximately a yard. And it is quite a useful length of measure. But if we want to convert the meter into feet and inches, then, once we've got the actual conversion into feet, this 3.2808, we know it's 3 feet and .2808 feet. Now .2808 feet is 12, the number of inches in a foot, multiplied by .2808 inches, which gives you 3.3696 inches. So it's fairly straight forward. So 1 meter is actually 3 feet and you notice, we do a single stroke for feet, 3.4 inches. So obviously we don't have an exact measurement for this. Now this is not the only conversion we might do. Very often, we are looking at kilometers and putting kilometers into miles. Well the mile is of course farther than a kilometer. In fact, about 5; 1 kilometer is approximately 5/8 of a mile. But we know that 1500 kilometers is approximately equal to a mile. It isn't exact by any means, but it's the nearest approximation. So this is a useful thing to remember. What we have to remember in converting decimals to feet and inches is, in the main, we can use certain approximation; a meter is 3 feet or 1500 meters, not kilometers, 1500 meters is a mile. We can use 2 1/2 cm.; 2.5 cm. is approximately equal to 1 inch. So if we want to use this procedure, we can get a more accurate result for the conversion from meters into feet and inches.