Video transcription

Hi, I'm Jay French at Today I'm going to teach you how to draw a wolf. Okay, to draw a wolf, and in this case, we're going to concentrate on the head, you want to start with- we're going to do a front view, forward facing, sort of an elongated sphere, slightly ovular. One of the most common mistakes is the distance between the eyes and the top of the head. It's much higher than most people realize. They have a very tall forehead because they're usually nose down looking up at you. Now the ears start below the top of the head generally, again from this angle. We want rounded tips, not too pointed or you get a catlike appearance and they come almost to the outer edge of the head. The inner line widens as it gets into the body, the main part of the head. We're going to get some very peculiar, fuzzy lines in here and hair inside the ear. Generally, outside it's longer fur on the head, so you can get some wide looks there. There's also a long distance between the nose and the eyes, so we will put the nose almost towards the bottom here because as I said, we're often nose down looking up. I'll just give an impression of the darkness there for now. Of course, the most distinctive feature on a wolf if the eyes. You want then almost straight at the top, curving downward, rounded on inside but you want to have an angle of darkness that goes out to those two points. Small pupil. We have a little white for having some life in it. To see the consistency and fur patterns variate from wolf to wolf but generally you usually have some type of eyebrow highlight, such as this and usually and usually a highlight coming from the front of the ear. You usually have a dark streak on the nose, again, not always, of course like if you're drawing a white wolf but you night have just a little bit of shading there. The definition of the nose muzzle. Of course, we want a very distinctive under shadow to the eyes and this will go into the neck, then you barely will see the lower jaw. That's how you get started with drawing a wolf.