Video transcription

Hi I'm James with JNC Home Repair and today I am going to show you how to replace cracked tile or grout in a rub or shower. As you can see today we have got a couple of tiles here that are cracked. The grout has separated from the tiles and it is a real quick fix. You can just mix up some new grout or you can get the premixed kind and it is actually just about applying it and you can apply it with just a household sponge. All you do is basically you want your grout to be like a creamy peanut butter mixture. You want something that is kind of thick. You don't want it too runny and all you have got to do is just put a little bit of grout on the end of your sponge and actually just work it in those cracks, kind of use your sponge and kind of push it up in there and make sure that it is getting down inside those cracks and just work it in just like so. Don't worry about getting a little extra on the outside of the tiles because you are going to get that off and as soon as we apply this you are going to come back in with a nice clean sponge and actually remove any of that extra grout that is stuck on the tiles so don't worry about any of that extra stuff that gets stuck on the outside. That is going to come off. You just want it thick enough for when you put it inside the cracks it has got something to stick to. If it is too runny it won't stick very well and if it is too thick you can't get it inside the cracks so you want to make sure that you have got it mixed just right and you can see how we are just consistently just working it inside there, getting it inside those grooves and just packing it in there just like so.