Video transcription

Usually when you're at work, you want to listen to music, and you don't want to disturb anyone else, and, so you end up having to use headphones. Hi, my name is Charles Stewart Jr., and I'm going to show you how to listen to your music on a CD, through headphones, on your computer. First things first, is, you want to get some headphones, and lets say you've got your CD. So you're going to want to put it into the computer, just drop it in the CD tray; most all computers now in days do have CD players in them, or DVD players. And then you'll put that in. Then you're going to need a player to use it. Windows pretty much comes with Windows Media Player, so you just bring in Windows Media Player, and then it'll recognize your CD that you put in. Pretty much on this computer, there is a port for the headphone jack, but if you don't have one on front, it should be on the back, and it'll be green, it'll have like a little green circle around it. And you just plug in your headphones right there, and then you're set up and ready to go. And then on here, once your CD comes up, you just come over and hit play, and then you can go through your tracks, and it's kind of like in your car, at home, it just acts as a CD player. And also, if you have speakers on your computer, sometimes they have jacks on the front of them as well. So, that's pretty much it, and then you're good to go, and you can listen to your music, without disrupting your fellow employees. And that's how to listen to music on a CD at work, through headphones.