Video transcription

Hi, this is Phillip Toriello, and this is how to improve your breast stroke kick. You know, as we've talked about before, the breast stroke kick is comprised of bending the legs, opening the legs, snapping them together, and gliding. The power primarily coming from that open, and then the snapping portion, which causes that forward momentum. The best way to start is to grab a kick board. This will help keep your upper body supported up on top of the water, while being able to isolate and focus on your legs, as far as that bend, open, snap motion of your legs. So just by holding the kick board up at the top, you're just going to let your body or hips float up to the top behind you, and just continue on with your kick. Try a couple lengths of this using the board, and once you become comfortable, go ahead and hold the base of the board, hold the bottom of the board, with your face looking straight down at the bottom of the pool to really support that prone position on top of the water, and then also enable you to have a little more hydrodynamic flow through the water. Once you become quite comfortable with that, and you feel like you can do it without the kick board, simply by using a streamline position with your hands out in front, go ahead and push off the wall and do a couple lengths, arms out in front. Try two kicks, and raise your head with a pop up breath to keep yourself going. To learn more about improving your breast stroke kick, please contact your local swimming expert.