Video transcription

Let's discuss how to treat a dog with diarrhea. Diarrhea is very common in dogs. Dogs love to chew on things and eat things off the floor and get into all sorts of things that cause diarrhea. Diarrhea can be benign and resolvable, but yet at the same time, it can lead to other things, especially if there's vomiting. Always check with your veterinary office first to find out what the diagnosis is and how best to treat diarrhea in a dog. There are medications that can be used to slow down the GI system. Antibiotics are commonly used as well to treat bacterial overgrowth that can cause diarrhea. Also, diet plays a very, very important role in dealing with diarrhea as well. In some instances if there's nausea and lots of diarrhea, we may not feed that pet for twelve hours or so to let the stomach rest and let the GI system kind of cool down a little bit so it can resolve the diarrhea itself. So there are multiple types of diarrheas. Parasites can cause it, diet change, people food, stress, lots of different reasons can do that. So the first thing to do is find out what that diagnosis is and have your veterinary office help you from there.