Video transcription

Once you've got all the stitches picked up for the neckline, and it's always best to use a circular needle approximately16 inches in length, you're going to begin to knit the same knit one, pearl one ribbing that you knit before in your other contrast color. So again we're doing our knit one, pearl one. And this is going to end up joining all the different parts of the sweater together into the neckline. And all these loose stitches here will get woven in later on. So if that's pulling a little bit that's really not a problem. And we'll keep going knit one, pearl one across. And after a while you're going to finish this row and you'll go on and knit five more rows so that all your ribbings are equal. Gives it a nice symmetrical look that way. Now you'll keep going and it's going to begin to look like the ribbing on the bottom.