Video transcription

Hi there, I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae and if you've ever wondered how much money a massage therapist can make, I can tell you. Now there are many factors that influence the massage therapist's ability to make money. You have to take many things into consideration. First of all your target market which is who you're going to be massaging; the season because it can be seasonal sometimes, it's slower than others. You want to take into account the type of employment, meaning part or full time. You want to take into account the number of hours you want to work and of course you want to take into account whether it's a situation where you're going to be tipped or not. Some situations you are, it's not appropriate to tip, to be tipped as a massage therapist and some is most definitely is. Now saying that, there are three types of scenarios generally that massage therapists find themselves in. The first one is working for yourself and this is great 'cause you can make all the profit. But you do have some expenses from advertising and marketing, supplies and equipment and also the rental for the room itself that you do practice massage in. Another type of scenario is working for a salon or a spa. Now in this type of employment, you usually generally get to keep just fifty percent of what you make because now those expenses are carried into the, it's the employer's responsibility to pay for those expenses. So that's where that fifty percent goes. And then the other scenario is working for a chiropractor and generally chiropractors pay by the hour. So those are three types of scenarios and I mentioned tips before; generally in chiropractors offices it's not really a place where people give tips. So you also want to make sure that you remember if you're looking to make more money, you sort of want to gravitate towards at a type of employment where tips are usually expected. You also want to remember that the General Swedish relaxation massage can run you anywhere from forty five to seventy five dollars and depending on if you give a specialize service and of course you're going to be able to charge more money for that. Something to also remember is that it's very tricky business. Some therapists make tons of money and just have one job and that's it and some struggle and have two and three jobs. So it really all depends on your personal situation, the type of scenario you work in and where you work. So those are just some of the types of things that influence a massage therapist's ability to make money. I'm Sundae with Natural Sundae. Take care.