When Is the Best Time to Seed Grass?

Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we are going to talk about when is the best time to seed your grass, when should you start your grass. Well I found over the years that the easiest and the best time to seed your grass is in the fall. Not when it gets cold out but when it starts to cool down a little bit and there's dew on the grass. So in the middle of summer when it's really hot, it's not going to do anything. But if you wait for the nights to cool down, just a bit, but there's still quite warm, and just throw some compost over any areas that are full of weeds or that don't look well, and add, just rake in some seeds and it will grow lush and beautiful. Through the winter it will get lots and lots of water. If you miss the fall seed time, then you can seed in the spring as well. And I like to add grass seed to my lawn every spring and every fall and that way it can get really lush. And in the spring, wait till there's no freezing and it starts to warm up a bit at night. Because if you start them too early they are just going to sit there and you might lose them, or they might start sprouting and you get a cold spell and lose them as well. So seed your grass in the fall and in the spring, add lots of water and compost to any spots that are really brown or full of weeds and you'll have a lush beautiful lawn without any chemicals or fertilizers.

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