Video transcription

Hi I'm Allison from ImagiKnit in San Francisco and I'm going to show you how to change colors while knitting. When you come to the end of your stripe go ahead and pick up your second ball of yarn with your contrast color versus the main color, keep a tail a few inches long and with your right hand needle just knit through the stitch like you normally would but pick up your new contrast color and pull that through the old stitch and then the old stitch off the needle. You will just repeat this all the way down the row with your knitting then when you come back the other side once you have completed two rows then we will do a half twist with both colors of yarn so that we can carry the main color up the side. Now I've come to the end and I have two rows of blue on top of the white row. I still have both ends now what I'll do is take the main color, cross it over the contrast color and then pull the contrast color up so that I can continue to knit with that so I have done a half twist and it is going to hold the main color down along the edge of the knitting. So we'll continue to knit with the new color and as you can see on the back we have held down the main color with the new color and we'll continue as we go up to hold that down and carry it right up the side of the work. Now you can see we have completed four rows of the blue on top of the white and as we continue once again we will cross the main color or the white over the blue, we will pick up the blue and we will continue to knit with the blue. This will hold down the white. You want to do this each time you come back to the beginning that way you don't have one long strand of the white up the side of your work that can be either too loose or too tight. This will help just to tack it down.