Video transcription

Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to repel rodents naturally from digging holes up in your yard. Now anybody that has a large yard or has any property near natural areas usually has a problem with rodents digging up the yard. And I usually say if you've got rodents digging up holes in your yard that usually means you've got great soil, and you've got great drainage. And you've got to remember that gophers and moles have a purpose in this world and they naturally aerate your lawn. So instead of fighting them I kind of enjoy their services. And so I set boundaries for them. First off I don't grow any flower bulbs directly into the soil, I put them in raised beds with some cloth that's rodent proof. They can't dig through it underneath it, and then you put the raised bed on top and that way the rodents won't get into your flower bulbs and dig them out. So first off set boundaries and that way they won't become a problem in that area. Secondly, if they're messing in your lawn it can become a problem. And there's only a few things you can do naturally that help. What I found was as soon as you find a hole put the hose down the hole and that way the water will flush them out or drown them out, and they'll find a new area to go to. Another trick is as soon as you have a hole put a bunch of cayenne pepper, red hot chili pepper, cinnamon, anything into that hole. They hate the smell and they'll move on. So another easy trick that I've learned is whenever rodents make a hole in your yard thank them for digging up a hole for your bulbs, and put some daffodils in those holes. Because they won't eat the daffodils. And the daffodils will come up and bloom beautifully in the spring, and then die back in the spring. You'll mow the lawn all summer and you won't even know they are there. And that way the rodents have dug your holes for you. You can put the daffodils in there, and you've got a beautiful spring garden in your lawn. So in the end I try not to hurt any of the wild animals in my yard. And I panicked when I saw that I've got holes coming up with, they're not gophers because those are bigger holes, and they make bigger tunnels. These are moles. And the moles only eat the worms, they are not eating the bulbs. But what happens is the moles make the holes, they dig up the bulbs, then the mice come in and eat the bulbs. So they work together, tag team me on that one. So by eliminating the threat of separating your bulbs into a bed where they are not going to get into it, and running the hose down every time they make a hole, raking it out, putting more grass seed where they've made beautiful lush soil for you. Is an easy way to repel the rodents from your yard. And we can all live together naturally.