Video transcription

Good afternoon my name is Tom Brintzenhofe, Certified Master Mechanic from Reading, Pennsylvania and today we are going to talk about how to repair a broken side mirror. Now depending on where the break is on this mirror, you may not be able to fix it but a lot of times these will come as one assembly and there is really not much you can do. If you broke just the glass part of it here you can get them at the local parts store, they are 10 or 12 bucks maybe. This glass right here does come out if you break it all you have to do is just chip it away with a little screw driver, any kind of a pick will pull this glass off I mean all you have to do is just take the peeling off the new one and then stick it back on. Make sure the vehicle sits for about twelve hours before you drive it otherwise, the glue won't set and it will fall off and try to keep out of direct sunlight. If you broke the housing in any way or the motor on the inside of it, unfortunately there is no way to repair it and you have to change it. Now I already have the door panel off to make things a little simplified off here and what you have to do is pull this insulating foam, this wind noise foam off, set it out of your way. Typically every mirror has either got wires coming out of it if it is power controlled, electronically controlled and they have got three little screws on here that holds this in. You just take these three off right here and make sure you don't drop them down around the door or underneath the vehicle and you won't be able to find them but just take these three off here and set them aside. The mirror pulls straight out and the same thing when you get the new one, just slide it back in, tighten these back up, hook your door panel all up and don't forget to plug this in and put your door panel back on and it is really that simple. It is a half hour job, an hour job, it's really no big deal. Anybody can tackle it.