Video transcription

Hi. My name is Dave Andrews. And today we'll show you how to use Power Point. Let's begin by opening Power Point. Let's click on our start button. Go to All Programs. Let's find Microsoft Office. We're going to open up Power Point. Now what Power Point allows you to do is create slides for presentation. It begins with a default slide which is here in the middle. You can click on that slide to add a title and then to add a subtitle. Let's add a title to this. I'm going to call it My presentation and I basically just click in the middle there where it said click to add a title. I typed in my title. Let's add a subtitle. By Dave Andrews. Now that's the first slide of our presentation. We're going to add another slide. To do that right click in this area here on the left that's blank which will just say new slide. Now we have a second slide in addition to our first slide and I can jump between them by clicking on their little thumb nail pictures here. Now we'll type some text into here and I'm just going to say this is my first slide. We can click here to add some text. This is my some important information. More important information. Now I have two slides that have text on them. And let's say that I'm ready to give my presentation. You have a couple of ways of doing that. One way is by going to the slide show at the top and then just clicking on the from beginning which is the first icon. You can also just press the F5 key on your keyboard. I'm going to click this from beginning and as you can see our presentation has appeared on the screen. That's slide number one. To go to the second slide you press the arrow key that's pointing to the right because we're going to the next. And that's going to say this is my first slide and then there's some information from my slide there. To go back you press the arrow key that's pointing to the left and we're back at the first slide. My name is Dave Andrews and I've just showed you how to use Power Point.