Video transcription

We've began a French braid over here on Alexa's hair (tu puedes sonreir, asi). No, we're not going to smile. Alright, we're going to grab some more hair, add it to the braid, cross it, and get ready to add some more hair to this next section. Okay, grab some more hair, cross it over. Meanwhile, you're going to grab this hair, the one that was just underneath, grab it, cross that top one, we're going to cross this over, but first, what are we going to do first? We're going to add some more hair. Don't add a lot, or else you'll be all uneven and all over the place. Okay, so before you cross that over, grab that lower one, okay, hold on to the top one that you've just added hair to, with your thumb and your pointer finger, and you've got this one over to the side that you're going to cross over now. But first what do you have to do? Add some hair. So you're going to add some hair to that.