Video transcription

We're going to get started with our French braids, fast and easy. Okay. So, before we start, we look down here at our busy model; and she's busy eating her fruit snacks. What we want to do is, we want to grab our tools. Right now I'm using just a little simple black comb that I got from Sally Beauty Supply. And what I want to do before I get started, whether the hair is curly, or just kind of wavy, or straight. Like you can see, a lot of us people we have these baby hairs. And so, what you're going to want to have is water near by, and also maybe some hairspray, if you don't want these wispys to be all over the place. And so in just a minute, I'm going to show you how I'm going to put some water to help control the crazy hairs, and also some hairspray, to be able to control my hairs as I go. Okay, so I'm going to- It also, a spray bottle is really nice to have close by.