Video transcription

Hi, I'm James with JNC Home Repair. Today I'm going to show you how to replace a lamp cord. It's a pretty common problem around the house. Here's a basic little lamp with the cord on it, we've got a faulty cord here. Basically, what you want to do, is you want to find out where the cord is going into the lamp. OKay? Once you figure out which where the cord is going into the lamp, you want to flip it around. On this particular lamp we can tell that it's got to be accessed through the bottom. So, what we're going to do is we're going to move this cover on the bottom and it's going to expose out lamp cord. OKay? Now, nine times our of ten, if there's something wrong with the cord, it's going to be somewhere in between here and here. Now, on the inside of it, there's a knot that's tied to keep it from pulling out. So, most times, there's going to be a short, it's going to be somewhere in here. So, what you can do is just pull this wire back some, take your wire strippers, go ahead and cut that wire out, pull your wire out of the way, you've still got your lamp and you've still got something you can attach your new wires to. Then what you want to do is you want to separate these two, here, just like so. You want to strip these back to expose the wires, like so. Once you get them separated a little width apart, you can also tell that on one wire there'll be some writing and on the other wire there'll be nothing. The one with the writing on it is the hot wire. OKay? Or the black, in this instance, OKay? So, what you'll do is you'll take your replacement cord, OKay? Take your cord, do the same thing. You want to separate it here. It's actually easier if you use a pair of side cutters you can go ahead and get it started right here. Get it split, pull them apart like that, you want to make sure that none of this is exposed, you don't want any of these two wires touching together. So you want to make sure that that's all, the plastic sheathing on it's in good shape. Once you figure that out, go ahead and strip that. Your electrical wire's like that. Go ahead and figure out which one's your positive and which one's your neutral. This one you can tell has the letters on it, so you're going to match this one up with the same one over here that has the writing on it, just like so. And the other one goes to the other one. Once you've got them put back together like so, you want to use some electrical tape and you want to make sure you wrap these real well so you don't have any other kind of, these two wires wanting to touch to one another. Wrap one of them real, real good. Wrap it kind of down, away from where the wires are mended together, a couple of times, just like so. In a way you can tell that this wire is not ever going to be able to touch that other one. Once you've got one of them taped up just like that, you come in and bring the other one around just like so, and tape up your seam. And that's how you replace a lamp cord on a lamp. If you've got any other questions on how to do this type of repair, you can log on to my website