Video transcription

Hi, my name is Bob Linde and I'm here today to tell you a little bit about the 24 Yang Style Tai Chi set. I've actually been practicing Tai Chi for about thirteen years now. One of the things that's important is, people ask me all the time what is Tai Chi and so it's many things, depending on how you choose to use it, it's what's most important to you. So actuality it is a Martial Arts and considered by those people who are able to truly master Tai Chi, one of the most powerful forms. But, for most of us, we're actually interested in Tai Chi for its health benefits. And Tai Chi is considered an important part of traditional Chinese Medicine, its one of exercise therapies, one of the major branches of Chinese medicines. So when I teach Tai Chi, although I always talk about the Martial applications and sometimes demonstrate it, I actually emphasize the health benefits of the Tai Chi. But when we think about what the translation of Tai Chi actually is, it's grand ultimate. So it's actually thought of as the grand ultimate Martial application. So if you do start to study Tai Chi, make sure you learn a little bit about how it's being used by your instructor, how it's being taught and it's always important to understand the foundation and learn the history of your Tai Chi. So, make sure you check your yellow pages, look on the internet, find somebody whose qualified to teach Tai Chi, and there are different types of Tai Chi. There's Yang Style which we'll talk about, there's Chen which really emphasizes the Martial applications or Sun Style. And then within those main families, there's actually a variety of different forms out there. So find one that really gels with you and that you can enjoy and play Tai Chi, as my teachers always taught me.