Video transcription

In this clip I am showing you lawn bowls. They are bowls. They are not balls. They are not round. They are milled so that one side has less composite on it and will turn to that side and fall to that side. Every bowl is different. We have medallions on the sides of the bowls. This one has a star. This one has two squares and a circle, so that we can tell our bowls from our opponents and our teammates. It's a composite of some kind of a ceramic plastic and they weigh from about three and quarter to three and five eighths, three seven eighths pounds. They come in varying sizes. The smallest size is a double zero. The largest size is a seven. Fives, sixes, and sevens are all the same size, but they vary in weight just a little bit. This bowl is a three and it's brown. My bowl is a five and it's black. So, this bowl is a little bit bigger than this bowl and weights a couple ounces more. A small bowl, a double zero, is not as heavy, nor as big. You roll a bigger bowl with a heavier weight and it collides. Yours will stay. The little one will leave.