Video transcription

The hardest part about changing a fuse is actually finding the fusebox because sometimes it's in a basement, it's in a corner and there are four or five of them. I'm Robert Markey, I've been in construction for many years and we're going to talk about changing a blown fuse in the house. Once you find the fusebox, you've got your fuses and you figure out which one is blown and if you look in you can see one of them has got kind of a blown look, purplish, blackish, something so basically what you're going to do is take it out. OK, and you look on it making sure OK, that's a 20 amp fuse. So you have your new fuses which are also 20 amp fuses and you're going to carefully put your new fuse in OK? You close up your box and then you go to whatever was blown to make sure that now it works which it should. Robert Markey, and we've talked about replacing a blown fuse.