Video transcription

Hi, my name is Doctor Kim Makoi, I'm a holistic chiropractor from San Francisco and this is benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar. Most people have a problem these days with their bodies running a little bit on the acidic side. This is due to eating a lot of processed foods, a lot of cooked foods and getting away from a more alkaline, natural fresh fruits and vegetables based diet. So apple cider vinegar, while it is itself slightly acidic, actually has an alkalizing effect on the body when it's ingested. And so, for many people it is beneficial to take in some apple cider vinegar to help to balance the body's PH. It should be noted however that it's not a good idea to take apple cider vinegar if you have a history of ulcers because it will definitely irritate those ulcers. So those are some of the main benefits of taking apple cider vinegar.