Video transcription

Let's talk about how to determine kitten gender. It is basically about distance and what it looks like. It is very difficult believe it or not to tell when they are really small. It is not unusual for a kitten to come into the veterinary exam room and come in as a Sam and leave as a Samantha because we have determined that it is a different gender than the owner's thought. So what you do is basically look at the distance. A female has a vertical slit very close to the anus and in a small kitten you are usually talking about sometimes a half of a centimeter up to a centimeter a ventral or lower than the anus. A male has a longer distance between the penile opening the preputial which is a round not vertical slit but a little round opening below that anus. So you are talking about distance. Females are closer to the anus and males are further away from the anus.