Video transcription

Hi, my name is Lauren, and today I'm here to discuss how much money does a permanent hair straightening cost? There are two types of straighteners that you can do at this point. You have your relaxer, which simply softens your natural curl and relaxes it, to make it easier for you to blow your own hair out and in order to manage your curl. The relaxer can bring from a kinky curl into a bit of a softer curl. It can also try to help you achieve that straight, however the relaxer will, more of less, do more of a relaxation on your curl and not necessarily straighten it. Usually, your relaxers run about anywhere from sixty five to eighty five dollars, in order to put the relaxer on. In order to have the processing plus product. It does not take too long, it'd probably be about an hour in entire processing time, and it would cost a little bit less. The more expensive thermo-straighteners would be more or less your Japanese straightening, or your ionic straighteners. The process for that is a little bit more time consuming, and a little bit different because you go through with a straight iron and straighten the hair after you process it. And then you neutralize that hair with that straightener. This process can take anywhere from three to five hours. It's going to be more costly, but definitely more effective in getting kinky, curly hair into a lot straighter hairstyle. So, give or take, you're going to be looking anywhere from sixty five, and then work your way up, depending on your hair density, your hair length, and where you actually go. What spa, salon, where you're local stylist is, and how much they are charging. And that is how much a hair straighteners cost.