Video transcription

Hi my name is Dave Andrews and today I am going to show you how to reset a computer to a previous date. We are going to do this with Windows System Restore so let's open up our system restore by clicking on your start menu. We go up to all programs and under accessories let's find the system tools and we want to select system restore. Now on Vista you have to be an administrator to run this so if you get this Window asking for permission just click continue. Now this pulls up the system restore window that is built into Windows. You have to kind of move this around a little bit but basically what it is going to do is it is going to restore Windows settings back to a previous date. To get started with this let's just click on the next button which is down at the bottom. Now the next string that you see it is going to give you a list of the restore points that have been created in system restore. This list that is in the middle here shows you all the restore points that Windows has in memory. I've only got one that will restore my computer back to 11-15-2008 at around1:50 a.m. so I am going to keep that selected and we're just going to click next at the bottom. Now the last screen that you will see is a confirmation of the restore point telling you that you are going to restore to a certain time and that it is a system scheduled restore point that was created. To begin restoring all you have to do is click on the finish. My name is Dave Andrews and I have just showed you how to restore your computer to a previous date.