Video transcription

Hi I'm Tim Gipson and I'm going to talk to you about how to use a Microwave. Now, one thing when you're using a Microwave, one thing you want to keep in mind, is never put anything metallic into your Microwave, and also as far as plastics, any plastics you would use in the Microwave, you want to make sure it's rated for Microwave use. For instance, this splatter shield is specifically designed for Microwave use, and it's a good thing if you're heating up foods or something like that, it's good to have a splatter shield in there because food as it's heating up will tend to pop and it will help keep the inside of your Microwave clean by doing that. So once we get ready to heat something up, we close the door and now we got several options. We can set the time and the level of power, for heating, we can select automatic times, that already cook it to its highest level, 10, with one being the lowest level of heating and 10 being the highest, and then we also have sensor cooking. So if we put a bag of popcorn in, we can hit the popcorn button and it will automatically start the popcorn and it'll actually sense and when your popcorn's about finished popping, then it will actually sense that and it'll actually shut it off on time so you can get the perfect bag of popcorn every time. You can also, well you have a potato button, where you put a potato in, it'll actually set it for the automatic time to cook a potato. Other sensor cooking, we have beverage, and re-heating buttons. So with a Microwave you could actually do a lot of automatic settings, or you can actually do some manual setting including even doing a delayed timer. So if you didn't want your Microwave to come on for an hour, then you could actually set this delayed time in there. So I'm Tim Gipson, that's how to use a Microwave.