Video transcription

Hi I'm Audrey Parramore with, I'm your beading expert and I'm here to show you how to make beaded earrings. The things that you'll need to create beaded earrings. You're going to need some wire to put your beads onto the wire and then of course your earring hooks of your choice, okay. And here's a sample of a different style of beaded earrings incorporated in a spiral stitch technique with crystals and pearls within it too. In getting started to creating the beaded earrings I use a needle nose plier, I'm going to add a bead onto this copper wire, and I'm actually going to do a wire wrap technique with it by holding the needle nose plier, I push the copper wire away from me, I turn my tool straight up and down, I bring the wire back up underneath towards myself, then of course I switch hands with my tool and the piece of earring, and then I'm just wrapping the wire around the wire, then I take it off and I turn it, I do another wrap, take it off, I'm turning it, and do another wrap. It's a simple process, it's a fun process, it goes a long way in creating a different variety of earrings of your choice. In doing this you can use a different pair of earrings every single day. And I'm closing this off here, I'm going to use my cutters in a second to finish off the earring, just like that. Now so that wire below it's not cutting or breaking, I come and I take the crimping tool and I set the wire below the hoop into the first part of the crimping tool and I give it a nice crimp to make it very nice and even, and I'm going to do that below too. I take my needle nose and I just turn it, turn my little loops evenly, give it a very uniform look, and then kind of bend it out, keep it straight. Now here's the fun part, we're going to enclose that into the earring hook, and I do that by taking the needle nose and I just bend that just a little and then I insert that one too, and then I bend it right back, and there you have it, your beaded earring. Audrey Parramore, the beading expert,