Video transcription

What are the benefits of being a TV news reporter. I'm about to tell you. I'm Glenn Selig and I spent two decades as a TV news reporter and now now I am CEO of Selig Multimedia. It's a good question, what are the benefits of being a news reporter. It certainly seems like a very glamorous job and in many ways it is. You do get to be on TV. People do recognize you. Sometimes you get a better place at a restaurant or get chosen first. But, probably the best thing about being a TV news reporter is you get to meet very interesting people. Sometimes famous people and sometimes just very interesting people. And you get to tell their stories. You get to find out what their jobs are. What they were involved in on a given day and you get to take their information and turn it around and tell it to the viewing public. It's a very important job. It's amazing how many people watch TV for their news. And they learn a lot about it. So, you get to meet a lot of interesting people. You get to get some fun interesting perks and overall it's a pretty fun job. And those are the benefits of being a TV news reporter. I'm Glenn Selig.