Video transcription

Hi I'm Keith Fitzpatrick. This is Easy To Learn Hip Hop and we're going to go over a body drop. Now this is kind of the opposite of what we went over in melting as opposed to melting when you drop down here and it's slower like that. When you drop it down it is going to be real quick and abrupt. It will have a complete start and a complete stop. So you'll be here and it's going to stop. Other way, it is just like with your popping. If you're popping, pop, pop, pop, boom, and you drop. You start and stop, everything has to, once you drop, boom, you want to stop everything right then. So let everything start, hit, hit, however you want to hit and stop, come over to the other way and stop. Even with your feet you want to elevate up or raise up and stop, come up and stop. It can be either way, if you want to stop here or stop there. Whichever way you want to stop, but just make sure you come to a raise and a drop, which is what I call the body drop, boom. You hit, drop, drop, drop and if you don't raise up you can't drop. So make sure you raise up, there has to be a transition from being up to being down so come up and drop and drop and drop and that's your body drop.