Video transcription

Now that's not as neat, as pretty as I'd like to see it. But what I had to work with, that's not bad. Lot neater looking than the last person's. It doesn't make it work any better if it's neat. But just looks more professional. Now this one here, I'm going to be easier and lighter on it, with my torches. Because if you're not careful you can cut a hole in that pipe with this big of tip on these torches. But I needed the larger tip for the larger pipe because I have to get it hotter. And as you see it didn't take long to get this one hot enough to melt that silver. That's a lot better looking joint too than I did while ago. Because it was easier to do. Same on this one. See I'm moving it around to get that temperature to where I want it to be and not cut a hole in that pipe or get it too hot. I want to get in and out of there as quick as I can. Because of that temperature. I believe I'm good there too. Now I'm going to have to crank it up a little bit more for the big pipe.