Video transcription

This is Misty, and Misty has been battling an upper respiratory infection for several weeks now. She does sneeze, but as you can tell she doesn't look like an abnormal cat in too many ways. But what I'm going to do, is show you things to look for in a cat who might have an upper respiratory problem. So sneezing is one, and then the other thing you want to do is look at their eyes. So you can see sometimes that there's oops, see sometimes that there might be some redness in the eyes. Misty. Here you go, here you go, will you show your eyes please, ah, that's a good kitty, okay. So her eyes actually look pretty clear and sometimes you'll see some discharge in the corners of the eyes. She's, she's so silly. So see some crustiness or yellow-green discharge in the corner of their eyes. And you also want to look at the nostrils to see if there's any discharge or crusting accumulated around the nose area here.