Video transcription

Now we're going to get started, I work with magnifiers that are like five to ten zoom depending on, what the project is so on her face I have ten times, magnification. And now I've peeled away this Emla to, you know, to basically keep this part numb while I begin over here on this side. I'm going to work on Pam, is really needs more growth in which she has. She has growth down here that's long enough for me to do the work so I'm going to get under and basically I'm going to slide that hair, I'm going to slide this probe down the follicle. And then the current is released and basically when the current has a, adequately done and I'm working with a blend which is a treatment I'll explain to you. Then the hair is removed and then the, basically as the hairs removed I put them on the drape and then I go on to the next hair. Basically as you know, we're going along we cover a certain area and, and then as we finish we, we go into the next hair follicle. A good electrologist will cover quite a bit of ground a, she had, and you have to have a very steady hand. You and you're able to work with that steady hand for hours.