Video transcription

Today were going to changing the fluid in our four wheel drive transfer case. In this step I am going to demonstrate the proper jacking procedure for getting the front end of our truck up so we can fit underneath to change our transfer case fluid. Now what were aiming for the front axle on this vehicle. The front axle is going to be a large piece of metal and I am going to slip my floor jack right under the center of it. Let me go ahead and snug it down and began jacking it up. Right there. Your going to want to take it up a significant amount so you can fit underneath the vehicle and be able to do all the manipulations that your going to have to. So were going to take it up a pretty significant amount and set it on our jack stands. That should be high enough. Alright I am going to take and slip my jack stands under the inner lip on the control arm. Right there. Right there you can get a really good look at this one on this side. And I can show you where were shooting for. Right here is your lower control arm and it bears most of the weight for the suspension its made of a heavy gage stamped metal and its sturdy enough to hold the vehicle up. There?s a cut out in your jack stand cup and were going to slip that lip right on to the cut out. I am going to go ahead and adjust this one up as well. Right there. Once you have your jack stands set you can very slowly release the pressure on your floor jack. Right there and were going to let out jack collapse all the way and roll it out from underneath the vehicle. That is the proper service procedure for jacking up your vehicle. Placing your jack stands and settling the vehicle down on to those stands.