Video transcription

I am Doctor Jim Kirkconnell of Bellevue Eye Care Center in Nashville, Tennessee. How does one keep eye glasses from fogging up? Well, the best answer is to wear contact lenses because they do not fog up and now typically you are talking about glasses fogging when you have a change in temperature, if someone has to work in a freezer and then comes out to normal temperature you will have some fogging up. Perhaps another question would be if you have actual rain get on them that sort of thing, there are commercially sold preparations which claim to keep your glasses from fogging up they do not work they do separate you from your money, but really if you if you have an occupation where you have to go to different temperatures in and out and you have glasses fog up the the better answer is to consider contact lenses, and possibly if if you can afford and it is something that you want to do then to have laser surgery to correct your vision.