Video transcription

Hello! I'm Dr. Miguel Rodriguez. I'm a gastroenterologist at Miami Gastroenterology Consultants in Miami, Florida. Upper, GERD could be associated in some cases to back pain and essentially, what that will be would the manifestation of the damage to the esophagus and it's damage is reflected to the back. It usually won't have a muscular origin, it will be more related to the perception of damage in the center of the middle of the esophagus or the upper part of the esophagus that reflects to the back as an expression of pain. In many cases, as when the patient is treated with a medication that decrease the amount of acid, the back pain will also go away at the same time. This back pain should not be treated with , if suspicious to be due to reflux should not be treated with the standard medications like Ibuprofen, Aspirin, etc. because they will exacerbate the reflux symptoms.