Video transcription

Hi, I'm Doctor Marcia Martin and we're here at Safe Harbor Animal Rescue in Jupiter, Florida. And today we're going to talk a little bit about treating diarrhea in cats. The easiest way to treat diarrhea in cats is to prevent it by feeding a species appropriate diet. You should be trying to feed a diet that mimics what a cat would eat in nature. So a grain free, canned high quality high protein diet or a raw food diet are the diets that cats do best on. Kibbled diets should be avoided pretty much at all costs. The other way, if your cat's having diarrhea that lasts more than twelve hours, you really need to go to your vet and get it checked for intestinal parasite. Pancreatitis is a another big cause of diarrhea in cats and can be a quite serious. Irritable bowel disease is pretty common in cats but generally will respond to the species appropriate diet I already mentioned. Motility regulators are not something that we use very often in cats. Generally something like an antibiotic called Flagel is used in cats with diarrhea and sometimes they even resort to PredniSone to treat diarrhea in cats. Probiotics are an excellent way if you have an acute onset of diarrhea in your cat, you can pick up a probiotic in just about any health food store or any drug store for that matter. A good broad spectrum probiotic can be added to the food. Sometimes it even comes in a paste and you can just squirt it in a cat's mouth. And several doses of that over the day will often set the GI tract right. It just replaces the normal bacteria that should be in the gut. It helps that bacteria to grow and reproduce and it weeds out the pathogenic bacteria, the bacteria that can cause diarrhea. So probiotics are safe and they're often very very effective. And it's something you can definitely do at home. Diarrhea can also be treated quite effectively with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture or with classical homeopathy, is an awesome way to treat an acute onset diarrhea or chronic diarrhea problems in your cat. But you need to find out from your veterinarian that there's not an underlying cause, medical cause for your cat's diarrhea.