Video transcription

Hi, I'm Karen Rodowicz, owner of JK Flowers and I'm here to help you make cascading bouquets. First thing you want to think about is a bouquet for your wedding, is it going to be an indoor or an outdoor wedding? So, when picking your flowers you need to know whether or not the flowers will hold out in an outdoor environment or not. Once you've come to that decision, the next thing you need to do, is figure out how long you want the cascading bouquet to be. When you have your floral bouquet, you start with your greens and you work your way around. At that point you can have an idea of how long you want it to be. You then make, the next point will be the flower that will be the longest point. I'm going to take the arrangement and place it in. So now I know my bouquet will be as long as this. I then want to start to make it centered, your next flower and I'm going to use a rose here 'cos it's going to be the center of the bouquet, will be in the center. So, this is the basis of your bouquet. This point just fill the flowers on the way up, keep it rounded at the top and when you're finished you can have a lovely bouquet like this. Once again, Karen Rodowicz, I hope this was helpful.