Video transcription

Hi my name is Windy St. George and this is how to play Michigan rummy. Michigan rummy is also sold as Tripoli in stores, it's the brand name of it. Michigan rummy is the traditional name of it. It's a combination of a chip betting game and a card rummy game. One person is the dealer, there are 2 to 4 players. The dealer takes chips, there are yellow chips, red chips and blue chips. The yellow chips are worth 1 point, red 2, blue 3. There are mostly yellow chips. They take the chips and they distribute them to every player until all the chips are dealt out and everyone has an equal number of each color. First the yellows, then the reds, then the blues. At the beginning of the game, each player places 1 yellow chip on each spot on the board. You need to have a board or make one to play this. So there is king and queens of hearts, the kitty, jack of hearts, 3 of a suit, king of hearts, queen of hearts, 10 of hearts, ace of hearts and a pot. Every player places 1 of their yellow chips in there. If this is the second or third game and you're out of yellow chips, then you move on to red and then blue chips. Once all the chips have been placed on the board, the dealer then deals hands out, he deals all the cards out. He deals one hand extra, one hand more then there are players. So if you have 4 players he will deal 5 hands so that there will always be some cards missing and you don't know which one's they'll be. So let's say that he equally distributes then deals a hand. The player to the left of the dealer must then play the lowest card they have of a black suit. So here it would be 3. The next person would try to play their lowest card in a suit, but if they don't have the next proceeding number, they don't have 4, they have 7, then they must put a yellow chip into the kitty. If they're out of yellow chips then they have to progress up red or blue. Play continues until all of the black suits are played and then red. If a player plays a certain card or a number of cards that is listed on here, if he plays the jack of hearts say, then he gets to take the chips that are on jack of hearts. If he plays 3 of a suit in order, so if he played 7, 8, 9 spades then he gets to take that spot. There's queen of hearts, king of hearts, 10 of hearts, ace of hearts and king and queen of hearts if you play them both together you get the coins in that pot. Whenever there's a lacking card you put another coin in the kitty. The first person to run out of cards in their hand gets all the coins out of the kitty and out of the pot. Play continues until no one can play an appropriate card or somebody runs out of cards. In general you agree beforehand how many games you're going to play and play will continue without redistribution of chips. So for the next round the chips would be left if they hadn't been taken and people have to put one coin in each spot again and if they run out of yellow they go to red or to blue and you play until the prearranged number of games that you decided to play before you started. That's how you play Michigan rummy.